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Sleeping Summers:

This is an exhibition of paintings, photographs and stories commemorating the story of Blackrock Baths. It is above all a celebration of all the wonderful summers enjoyed there by almost every child and teenager within a three mile radius. It was the centre of attraction to so many pubescent teenagers from our great grandparents generation at the end of the 19th century to the 1980s until it closed its doors for the final time. From the onset I was constantly surprised and delighted by the reaction of so many to the mere mention of Blackrock Baths; everyone had a story or a memory and were nearly all recounted with a smile or laugh. The countless wonderful stories and poetry I have received from folks as far away as Canada and California are testament to the times enjoyed there. Much of the work exhibited is inspired by the correspondence I received and I thank all those who went to the trouble of contributing their personal memories.

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